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The Bay Networks Accelar 1100,1150 and 1200

The Bay Networks Accelar 1100,1150 and 1200 switches are worth to be used because its flexibilty for small and medium networks.

The Accelar 1100 and 1150

The Accelar 1100 and 1150 did catch my attention with 2 or 4 Gigabir fiber SC ports and some 100 Mbit fiber- and up to 8 or 16 100 Mbit copper- ports. That is a really good solution for small number of users with the need of high power at the servers

This is one of our rental untis with 4 x gigabit fiber and 4 x 100 Mbit fiber and one open slot for 4 x 100 Mbit RJ-45 ports. The switchfabric is run by a PowerPC cpu with 60 MHz but the switching job is done by special switching-asics very similar to the Centillion 100 technology. However, these Accelar units have a huge switching power, but a poor port density compared with the new developments after 2002.

Here are some tricks I did find on the internet :

Accelar (now renamed to Passport) 1000 series Password Recovery

There is no known backdoor password. To have access, you must factory default the switch. For this reason, it is advisable to save the output from "show config" and save it to a PCMCIA card or your computer. The "show config"
output will contain the passwords in plain-text format, and the config information in this file can be input back to the CPU after a factory default.

Connect to the console port with hyperterminal or any other remote console program.
Reset the switch and watch the screen.
Enter monitor mode by interrupting the boot process with "return".
Type: config sys set flags factorydefault true
(on my 1100R-A it was "flags factory defaults")
Type: save config
(on my 1100R-A it was "save")
Type: reset
(on my 1100R-A it was "quit")
Now watch the reboot process on the screen.
Login with the username 'rwa' and a password of 'rwa'
now you may type: config sys set flags factorydefault false
Type: save config

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