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These pages are retired now and will no more been updated.
- last action was in Feb. 2011 -

Mai 2007 - Sorry, the news page is closed - we need to continue the news page on our other RDE webs.

Mai 2005

After a long time we got a Centillion 50 with a DS3 board. So now we own DS3 for Centillion 1400/1600, for C50/C100 and for Arcend MAX TNT, all over ATM and channelized T3 over IP.

April / Mai 2004 -
30 Years RDE - isnt it a reason to be praud about this ?

In the current situation in 2004 it shows a very good quality of service that our company is still alive and grows well. We are praud to celebrate our 30 Year anniversary at May 3rd.

Sep 2003

now starting to add some informations about Accelar 1100 and 1150 switches from Bay Networks / Nortel. Nice high performance switches with 4.5 and 7 gigabit switching power.

Sep 2003

we got some 4MB flash modules for upgrading older Centillion 100 MCPs to the 4.0 and higher firmware.

Aug 2003 - goto our new e-mail page

We have to delete all easy to use E-Mail adresses within all our webs, they are missused to spam us. And last weekend we had 280 spam mails. That becomes crazy and we can no more afford this. You will see our new unknown adresses (little graphics) as gifs, you need to type into your mail client by hand. We did find no other way.

Sorry for that inconvenience, currently the boat is sinking every morning.
Please allways fill the subject line of your e-mail, otherwise our spam-filter will kill the incomming e-mail without notice.

Centillion 100 - MT RJ fiber connectors.

One plug only, no more changing the two send and reveive lines again and again.

Aug 2003

Now we did substitute our old HP 2000 switch with a Centillion 100 with 16 x 100 Mbit MT-RJ fiber and 20 x 10/100 Mbit RJ-45 copper.
Beside a Gigabit fiber board, which we do not have, the 100 Mbit MTRJ card is one of the latest board developments based on these new MT-RJ connectors. That works much better than the old well known fiber SC and ST connectors.

May 2003

Many old Bay Networks hubs are offered in Keep away your fingers and your wishes from these old units. All the old hubs are not worth to evaluate or to reuse them again. Even for one dollar it is to expensive. We got a 10 Mbit Ethernet "System 5000" instead of an Centillion 100 by accident. Nice power supplies, but thats all.

April 9. 2003

more and more background information about the mergers of Wellfleet and Synoptics and Centillion and Nortel are pointing to some product weeknesses and sales and marketing strategies. 

April 2. 2003

It was a pretty nice day today. We got feedback from NEC USA, that they will help all of you and us, keeping  the C1400 / C1600 ATM switches alive. There is a new page Centillion-Nec with a real name, contact addresses, US phone number and links.

Feb. 2003 - Gangsters on ebay.

No risc, no fun. - If you look in, there will be sold more and more Centillion100 switches with dead or corrupted MCP´s and - later on - the high-bidders are waking up, paying a lot, then getting the C100 and what is it doing ?
It is doing nothing.
There is a very well working description (paraphrase) on these ebay offers like this :
" I dont know anything about the unit, - unplugged from a working environment, - units powers up fine, - sold as it is, no return. "
If your read this, you must be very careful. If it is dead, you have the full risc and the full fun.

Dec. 29. 2002

Our PDF Database search-pages are relocated on one single place, it was to much work to maintain 6 webs separately.

Oct. 15. 2002 PDF search engine established.

Now you can search in a full text retrieval system for any keyword from all stored PDF files from our new file server.  Have a look here first and later look here.

Oct. 3. 2002

This web was taken (splitted) from our German web and translated back to English. Here we will support a limited number of partially retired switches (no routers) from Bay Networks, now sold from Nortel. Finding a lot of friends, we received many PDF files with related documentation. Looking for routers, we are supporting all kind of Ascend / Lucent products on

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