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What is the progress of the Bay Networks ATM switches within NEC USA ?

April 2003 - After a long way of requests and e-mails I got a friendly answer from
Joyce Lee
Senior Channel Manager
Business Development
NEC America IP Networks Division
mobile (408) 832-8690
fax (309) 279-1809
We have been very happy to find another specialist for all the installed Centillion 1600 base worldwide.

The Nortel Centillion 1000 ATM switches are manufactured by NEC under the NETNEX product name. The Centillion 1600 switch with 10G of switch capacity is equivalent to the NEC NETNEX 8900.

The corresponding NEC switches are
    the 2.5G switch called the NETNEX 8550
(formerly known as the Bay Networks Centillion 1200)
    the 5G switch called the NETNEX 8800
(formerly known as the Bay Networks Centillion 1400)
    the core switch with 20G/40G capacity called the NETNEX 9000.
(formerly known as the Bay Networks Centillion 1600)
You can locate more information on our website at :  under Products/Datanetworking/ATM.

And here is the final link :

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