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We will publish all C1400 related information on the C1600 page.

The Bay Networks Centilllion 1400

The Bay Networks Centilllion 1400 is the main workhorse of the Bay ATM switch family and is slightly similar to the Cisco Lightstream 1010.

The mechanical quality is absolutely state of the art. Its built by NEC. Independent tests say, that it was the fastest in its class.

All its ATM features point it out for carrier class use.

The C1400 switch can accommodate up to 8 lines of 622 Mbps (OC12) interface or up to 32 lines of 155 Mbps (OC3).The C1400 has two switch CPU´s (Switch Fabrics) and two power supplies and a 5 Gigabit backplane.


We own modules for ATM 622 MBit SM, ATM 155Mbit (Fiber SC SM and MM und RJ45) and 34 MBit ATM (Coax) and E1 (RJ45).

If you need some of the C1400 / C1600 slot- covers for emty (unused) slots, we can help.


You should not run a C1400 or C1600 with any uncovered slot for more than 10 minutes. After some time you will smwll some smoke, you will not see it. It will burn you boards.




We have these covers for the C100 units too.

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