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The Bay Networks Centillion 1600

The Bay Networks Centillion 1600 is the big brother of the C1000 family and has nearly unlimited power and expandability for an economical price. This really fast ATM switch was developed and produced from NEC in Japan.

If you open the inside, (you may not do this without skill), you would see absolutely perfect design and quality.

I only have seen this before in very expensive RADAR equipment for military use.

On the right picture you see an allmost fully loaded C1600 with two 622 fiber ports in the very left low corner.


The C1600 has two redundant 10 Gigabit switch CPU´s (Switch Fabrics) and two power supplies and a 10 Gigabit backplane.

We own modules for ATM 622 MBit SM, ATM 155Mbit (SM and MM und RJ45) and 34 MBit (Coax) and E1 (RJ45).

Linked with this page, i did open a look into the internal power supplies. Thats the best of the best what has ever been seen in our laboratory.

All its ATM features, its flexibility and the number of 622MBit and 155MBit ports points it out for top level carrier class use.

If you need some of the C1400 / C1600 slot- covers for emty (unused) slots, we can help.

You should not run a C1400 or C1600 with any uncovered slot for a longer time than some 10 test minutes.

We have these covers for the C100 units too.

The following table is a retired information too. Look at our Centillion-NEC page.

NEC has had different names for the switches :

ATOMIS 5SE - 2.5 Giga Capacity ATM switch ( Centillion 1200)

ATOMIS7/3000 - 10 Giga Capacity ATM switch ( Centillion 1600) (Oct. 1996) (Apr. 1997)

How to get the latest version ? of C1000 ( C1200, C1400, C1600) image code ?


DBS: Distributed Benchmark System



Groupe Bull has signed an OEM resale agreement covering NEC's ATOMIS 5SE ATM switches and ES10e/D3000 ATM switching hubs in European markets. Bull said it will focus on expanding ATM sales in corporate networks. The ATM switches, which are being shown by Bull at CeBIT, are expected to begin shipping after the middle of this year. NEC also plans to increase its presence in European markets by establishing a joint venture company with Portuguese telecommunications equipment maker Sistel. NEC has also opened a multimedia communications research and development center in Berlin. (

(NEC Europe, March 13, 1997)

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