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To access the C1400 / C1600 switch fabric for CLI user on the local port you need a simple serial cable. We got one with our first C1400.

What the manual says:

comming later



Here are the pictures from our lab :

its a DB9M and a Db9F cable

This is my cable, which works with my notebook on COM1 with Hyperterm and 9600 baud.

If you need to make one, look here:


The original specs from Bay PDF file : later

added last minute : to make your own one, you need 1m or longer flexible computer cable with shield and 4 flexible wires like a telephone line or a microphone cable. Print out the PDF, it seems to be easy, and you need one DB9M and one DB9F.

I will add pictures with the DB9 pinouts, when i make a sample next days.


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