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Bay Networks Centillion C50

The Bay Networks Centillion C50 is the smaller brother of the C100.


We are using 100 Mbit RJ45 and 100 Mbit MTRJ Ethernet network cabeling. Its fast enough and reliable. In paralell we are running a fibre channel environment from our Netware Servers to our huge RAID (for us its huge) and the many DLT libraries.


For test purpose and some good experience with the C100, we are running these smaller switches inhouse in our company. It runs the same boards like the C100 but 3 only.

The next screenshot is from speedview 5.xx software and it shows our core switch with all our onhouse connections. Its not our POP switch and not the main switch in front of our firewall.

The next screenshot is from our newly installed switch in our fibre channel laboratories rack in our fibre room. Here we do not need so many ports.

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