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Bay Networks Centillion 100

The Bay Networks Centillion C100 is an ATM / Ethernet / Tokenring switch with a lot of unique features.

This is a view in our lab. We have a few C100 and C1400 and C1600 in combination with big Cisco´s.


We own Cisco 7000, 7010, 7505 and Cisco 7513 routers with a lot of OC3 and OC12 ATM adapters.


Furthermore we have Fore Sytems / Marconi 622 ATM and Gigabit Ethernet switches and others.


Some more informations regarding the C100 MCP and its software function and software image is on the new MCP page.


If you look for password reset on a C100,

search here :


If that works fine, give me a hint please.

On the left picture you see a big ATM Centillion 1600 with the smaller C1400 on top, both with two CPU´s and two power supplies.


The C1400 and 1600 are pure dedicated ATM switches from NEC, to round up the Centillion portfolio of Bay Networks in 1999.


In the very right corner of that picture you can see two of our NT 4.0 Servers running Speedview, HP Topview, Optivity, Navis Access and other professional Network and SNMP administration software.



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