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MCP cable

To access the C100 MCP local port you need a simple but special serial cable. We got ours from a bulk of used SUN / SGI cables by accident. I have seen some in from US $ 15.- up to unbeleavable US $ 105.-. It is your decision.

What the manuals say:

To connect a PC to the C100, you need a serial straight-through cable with the following connectors:


A connector that matches the serial port on your command station (Most terminals or PCs use a male DB-9 or DB-25 connector.)


A connector that matches the serial port on the MCP module or switch: C100 switch modules have a Mini DIN 8 connector.


C50 switch modules have a Mini DIN 8 connector. Model 5000BH switch modules have a 9-pin connector and require a null modem cable instead of the standard serial cable.


Here are the pictures from our lab : its a MD8M and a DB9F cable

Its not a keyboard or mouse cable !!!!

SUN and SGI use these serial cables.

This is my cable, which works with my notebook on COM1 with Hyperterm and 9600 baud.







If you need to make one, look here:


Here are some more pictures from an open DB9 female cable: This cable was ready from my cable stock, not specially made for C100, but its works.



Notice the solder bridge, there are two shortened pins!!!!!

added last minute :


to make your own cable, you need 1m flexible computer cable with shield and 4 or more flexible wires like a telephone line or a microphone cable.


print out the PDF, it seems to be easy, and you need one MD8M and one D9F .

I did check following : it works


you need to have such a box to check your pins and the signals, you need Ground and 3 more wires only !! check the PDF

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