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Aug 2003

Now here are some experiences with our C100, wich is newly conneting our inhouse servers and our internal office operation with some more of 6 stations and some printservers and others network resources.

As you see, there are plugged in two (diffent looking) power supplies. The rigth one is the old version (made in USA) and the left one seems to be the new version (made in Austria) as written on the labels. Below are detailed pictures.

C100 old power supply sample


The old one is named as a 250 Watt PS, that means 5V with 50A.

C100 new power supply sample


The new one is named as a 300 Watt PS, that means 5V with 60A.

We are running the above C100 with 3 lonely boards since Aug 2003 and we are measuring the power, the switch will consume. With the new PS, which was plugged in firstly, we did measure 198 Watts. With the old PS we did measure 148 Watts only, doing exactly the same job.


Thats a full 50 Watts of loss, producing a lot of heat. Touching the front grill, our specialist found out, the running power supply becomes very warm, running with 3 boards only.


However, the old HP 2000 was taking 60 Watts at all, having a poor port density of 12 ports and allmost the same size.


So you should take care, what you buy and for what use you will plan this. As we found out in our lab, you may add another 60 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit RJ-45 ports to use the full load and the capacity of that switch. The less ports you use, the more inefficient the switch will use its main power.

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